The Icelandic Chess Federation

The Icelandic Chess Federation was founded in 1925.  It has ever since served as the official organization of Icelandic chess players and chess clubs. The ICF serves as their link to the chess players of other countries and represents Iceland at the World Chess Federation (FIDE). 

The ICF main task is to promote chess locally as well as organize national- and international events in Iceland. The Icelandic Championship is the ICF’s main local event every year, played in number of groups, as well as with special tournaments for women, elders, teens and children. It also organizes the bi-annual Reykjavik Open, which now has become an annual event with the cooperation of the Reykjavik Chess Academy. It also organizes the Icelandic Team Championship, with four divisions, three round-robin and one semi-open.

The ICF also promotes chess locally, especially at the younger levels  in cooperation with the state sponsored Chess Academy as well as other organizations and individual chess clubs. It also represents Icelandic chess players in dealings with the Icelandic government and parliament, where chess has for many decades enjoyed considerable support.

Gunnar Björnsson is the current president of the ICF.